M.S. Al-Suwaidi Holding Co. Ltd.

M.S. Al-Suwaidi Holding Co. Ltd.

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M.S. Al-Suwaidi Contracting Establishment (MSAS) was formed by its founder Mr. Mohammed Salem Al-Suwaidi in the year 1960. It was formed for the basic purpose of providing Operation and Maintenance services to Saudi Arabia’s predominant Oil & Gas industry. During the year 1970, MSAS broadened its scope to encompass the fast growing construction industry in Saudi Arabia. Employing more than 11,000 people at one time, it has been regarded as one of the Fortune 100 companies in Saudi Arabia, enjoying an unparalleled reputation for executing major projects.

MSAS Contracting Establishment has constructed largescale plants in the areas such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Power, Fertilizer, Steel, Desalination, etc., for the topmost organizations of Saudi Arabia such as Saudi Aramco, SABIC, SCECO, SWCC and highly reputed international clientele consisting of Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Snamprogetti, Bechtel, John Brown S.A., BHP Engineering, ABB SAE Sadelmi, Saudi Voest Alpine, Brown & Root International, Fluor Arabia, Saudi Arabian Parsons, Belleli, McConnel Dowel S.A., TPL, etc. The scope of activities governs all disciplines of industrial construction such as Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Instrumentation.

In the year 1996 MSAS Contracting Establishment was awarded with ISO 9002 for Quality Assurance in production, installation and servicing for its quality management systems, followed by ASME certification in the year 1998. Entire workforce was continuously and persistently encouraged to extend their individual dedication and commitment to quality in general.

Its various business interests included Operation & Maintenance, Construction, Trading, Catering, Accommodation, Manufacturing and Travel & Tourism. With the changing scenario and external business environment going through radical transformation, it was felt that the Group be organized into a corporate entity to infuse various elements and components of long-term growth, development and continuity.

Hence, as a result, M.S. Al-Suwaidi Holding Company (a Limited Liability Company) has been formed as the apex organization in the year 1999. Under the umbrella of the Holding Company, several Strategic Business Units (SBUs) have been formed, where each SBU is being incorporated into a Limited Liability Company.

In addition to providing strategic support, M.S. Al-Suwaidi Holding Co. Ltd. also provides vital assistance to its various Strategic Business Units in the areas of Finance, Human Resources, Legal and Internal Audit.