Clinical Psychologists, P.C.

Clinical Psychologists, P.C.

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About Us

Clinical Psychologists, P.C. is a group practice of psychologists serving the Auburn-Opelika and East Alabama area since 1980.

If you are faced with a difficult life challenge, overwhelming feelings of sadness or anxiety, unexpected illness, relationship problems, or are making a transition in your life and need some guidance, you may want to talk with a psychologist at Clinical Psychologists, PC (CPPC).

CPPC psychologists have a high level of training, receiving doctoral degrees after spending an average of seven years in education and training after they have completed college. They are licensed by the state, and adhere closely to ethical standards, including maintaining confidentiality, so that you can have a safe place to figure out your problems, challenges, or ways to become more effective in your work, relationships, and life.

Our psychologists have a variety of specialty areas. Some work with college students and adults, some work with children, some work with couples and families. All of us are committed to providing excellent psychological services that take into account your unique values, goals, and life circumstances.