Assemblage Entertainment Private Limited

Assemblage Entertainment Private Limited

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About Us

Assemblage Entertainment is a full service 3D / CGI animation and visual effects studio that produces feature films, TV shows and DVDs for global audiences.

The dictionary defines Assemblage as ‘a collection or gathering of things or people’. As you probe further, it also represents an artistic composition made by grouping together a multitude of objects using two or three dimensional elements.

That is who we are – a motley crew of animation specialists that the industry respects. With a proven track record in the Indian 3D animation industry and through an assemblage of the right people and technology, we create full-length CGI animation feature films and aspire to narrate compelling stories through various mediums.

Out endeavor is to constantly strive to identify new trends and patterns in the ever evolving animation ecosystem.This is evident in the new ethos we are trying to introduce into the Indian animation industry – the best of multiple worlds that our people have inhabited until now, the culture we foster, the talent we acquire, the technology we deploy, the co-production agreements we enjoy, the work that we bring to India and so on.

We believe animation is a universal language that resonates across geographies and demographics. We use this language to tell our stories, to open up new worlds and to bring dreams to life!

We are a full service 3D animation and visual effects studio for interactive content development, visual imagery and production of high-quality CGI animation content for full-length features, direct-to-home DVDs and television series.

In addition to the above, we have also delivered projects in the space of gaming applications for mobile devices.