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Do you want to get your things done in the most creative and simplest way then you are in the safe hands. We at Animation Studio are well capable of knowing our customers’ needs and serving their purpose to the fullest. We are one of the leading 2D animation companies in Sri Lanka which undertakes 2D animations, After Effects animations, white board animations,3D animations & all animation video projects. And also our expertise lies in digital media marketing, web designs, web developing & logo designing.

2d commercial videos : Create your TV or other commercials with 2D animation whereby you can send your product or service messages effectively to your clients

Explainer Videos : Want to Explain ? 2D animation is the best way to serve the purpose. You can simply apply it for any industry or services

Introduction videos : Company Introduction videos and any kind of introduction type videos can be done by 2D animation. For example, company profiles, visitor information,programme intros etc.

Safety Animations : Safety videos are also possible with 2D animation which works effectively to meet our customers’ requirements. Simply this can be applied to occupational safety, home safety ect..

3d Animations : Our capability is not limited to 2D animation. We also have the expertise for 3D animation which covers 3D animation videos, architectural drawings, 3D gaming etc..

Video Animations : different kind of video animations such as After Effects videos, documentaries etc are on offer