Amisy Farming Machine

Amisy Farming Machine

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The agricultural machinery market closely mirrors the trends in the agricultural field. Without the latest farming machines, the so called modern and efficient agricultural sector would not exist. With a large demand of high automation farm machines, jagged producers spring up like mushrooms. While Amisy Machinery is a forward thinking manufacturing of Premium Quality Farm Machinery with devotion to machine R&D for more than 1o years. Export directly to international farmers and dealers with fast shipping, we have got solid customer base and good reputation. Contact us for any farm machines, you will not be disappointed.


  • Threshing Machine
  • Corn Sheller Thresher
  • Paddy/Wheat Thresher
  • Sugarcane Leaf Remover
  • Fresh Corn Processing Line
  • Harvesting Machine
  • Paddy/Wheat Harvester
  • Corn Harvester
  • Sugarcane Harvester
  • Soybean Combine Harvester
  • Potato Harvester
  • Planting Machine
  • Paddy Transplanter
  • Seed Drill for Corn/Soybean/Peanut
  • Potato Planter
  • Manual Corn Seed Planter (One-row)
  • Tillage Implements
  • Disk Plough
  • Disc Harrow
  • Other Farming Machines
  • Trailed Orchard Sprayer
  • Vehicle-mounted Sprayer
  • Suspension-type Sprayer
  • Center Pivot Sprinkling Machine